Online Free Course: Accreditation of Post Graduate Engineering Programmes


Technical education is ushering in quality improvement phase after rapid expansion and consolidation.   Quality of offered programme is becoming a deciding factor for societal acceptance.

National Board of Accreditation lays down parameters and criteria for accreditation of engineering programmes. Accreditation of programmes ensures presence of acceptable quality in it.

This course will provide you necessary insight in to the accreditation of Post Graduate engineering programmes.      


Target Audience:

This course will provide you comprehensive information about accreditation policy, criteria, procedure, and guidelines to prepare for accreditation.

The course will be useful to teachers, and educational administrators involved in teaching or administering PG engineering programmes.

Aspiring teachers and PG students will get insight into constituents of a quality PG programme to help them better prepare for teaching as a career in engineering education.  

Employers, parents, and other stakeholders will better appreciate a PG programme from its quality point of view.


Appreciation of quality aspects of UG engineering programme will be helpful, though not necessary. Besides you should be able to put in 20 hours of learning effort, besides assignments.

Teaching methods, Nature of Activities/assignments:
In this course uses variety of teaching methods such as Presentations, Experience sharing, Examples and non- examples, Activities, and tests will be used.

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