How set Finger Print Lock in WhatsApp

Most apps are now adding an extra level of security; Finger Print Lock & Face ID Lock are the most usable features of Smartphone; that all we used. Now Whatsapp has also added this feature for privacy. 12months ago, WhatsApp added this only for iOS users. But now this feature is also enabling for Android Users. This feature is only enabling for the latest Whatsapp version 2.19.221 or above by heading over to the Whatsapp page on Google Play. Once you enable this fingerprint lock you can’t unlock your WhatsApp chat. 


How to set fingerprint lock on WhatsApp Chat:-


Step 1: Before you set your fingerprint lock, make sure that you’re WhatsApp is on the latest version or you can update WhatsApp from Google Play Store.
Step 2: After updating; open WhatsApp.
Step 3: Tap three dots on top of the corner; then tap on Settings.

Step 4: Now go to the Account option; then tap on privacy.
Step 5: Tap on fingerprint lock.
Step 6: Turn on ‘Unlock on Finger Print Sensor.
Step 7: Then set your finger on the Smartphone finger sensor.
Step 8: Once you turn on this option, you have 3 options; immediately, after 1minutes & 30 minutes.
Step 9: After choosing your options, you will be asked for ‘Show content in notification’ which allows getting a message preview on your notification.


Now whenever you open your WhatsApp chat, a fingerprint for unlocking is a must. This feature adds extra privacy to your WhatsApp messages. Hopefully, this article will help you out how to set finger sensors on WhatsApp.