How to protect your Skin & Hair naturally from harmful Holi colours

India’s most colorful festival Holi is coming soon. Everyone is very excited for this day & gets prepared for celebrating the Festivals. From children to adulthood everyone is waiting to celebrate the festival with joy & spending time with family members.


Holi is the festival of colors & these colors are made from flowers & herbs but now the colors are made from various chemicals. Those artificial colors are very harmful to our skin & hair. So when we bought those colors from the store we can’t understand which colors are natural & artificial. After completion of this festival, we faced lots of problems on our skin & hair; it is dry, damaged or appeared allergies, rashes & irritation. 


So if we take some precautions before playing Holi; it may help us to protect our skin & hair from harmful Holi colors. Here are some precautions are in the following:

Apply Coconut & Mustard Oil:


While we play Holi, we forget about anything, but the Holi colors are harmful to skin & hair. But if we apply coconut & mustard oil on our hair & skin before going out to play Holi. It helps us to protect from direct contact with chemical colors. Oil helps to easily come out the colors from our skin & hair.


Use Sunscreen:


After oiling your skin don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your exposed skin areas & make sure your sunscreen should be gel-based or waterproof with SPF 25. If you stay outside for more than 3-4 hours then reapply your sunscreen again.


Apply Petroleum Jelly:


You can also apply your petroleum jelly to your skin & hand. It protects you from harmful chemical colors contact. While you remove colors after playing Holi; colors are easily come out.


Apply Nail Paint:


Before going to play Holi, Apply thick & dark Nail paint on your nails, after playing you can remove it & your nails are protected.


Aware about cuts:


If you are injured or have any cuts try to protect them from colors. Harmful Chemical colors can affect your wound. So cover your wounds before playing.


Choose the right Clothes for Holi:


Try to avoid sleeveless or half sleeve clothes. Cause these clothes are exposed your body as well as your skin. On the day of Holi, you should avoid this.


Use Sunglasses:


Eyes are a very sensitive organ in your body so, try to wear sunglasses can protect your eyes when you play Holi outside; it also can protect your eyes from harmful colors. If any colors are going inside your eyes while playing; immediate wash with fresh & cold water.


Play with Herbal colors:


We all are excited about the festival of colors. But these wonderful colors can be harmful to us. So while you bought Holi colors, make sure those colors are herbal. Herbal colors do not affect our skin & hair. If you are not sure about herbal colors protect yourself from colors on the above-mentioned precautions. Hope this will help us to protect from harmful & artificial chemical colors.