Scientific health benefits of Rudraksha Beads or Mala

We all know Lord Shiva is a Unique God of our Hindu Mythology. According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva is wearing a rosary of beads & these Rudraksha beads are very divine. Rudraksha; the word means Rudra (Lord Shiva) & Aksha (Eyes). This bead has various colors, shapes, sizes, mukhis & all of these have different elements. The Rudraksha comes in 1 face -21 faces. 1-14 faces are easily available.


Most people are suffering lots of health issues nowadays due to their lifestyles, work pressures, depression. But according to the Vedas & Puranas; Rudraksha beads help you out from every problem. The Rudraksha beads work on seven chakras of the human body. After you wear this; the beads start working on chakras in a very short duration. It heals your mind, relieves you from tension, phobia & headache. You can notice positive changes in your life.

Here are some benefits of wearing Rudraksha Mala or Beads:-


 Rudraksha Mala gives you positive vibes in your body, mind & soul.
 After wearing Rudraksha beads; gives you purity in your life.
 These beads alert your mind & active.
 It helps you to protect from all kinds of negative energy & create protect shield for your body
 It improves your concentration power.
 Rudraksha controls your stress, phobia & headache, it brings calm & peace to your life.
 Rudraksha Mala control your blood pressure
 It helps to balance of seven chakras in your body & protects you from illness.
 This bead helps to improve your nervous system & balance hormones.
 This bead improves your skin, you get relief from skin problems like itching, irritations & wounds.
 The mixed Rudraksha bead powder with honey & ate this. This mixture is truly effective to treat your cold & cough problems.
 This bead removes all kinds of body pain, illness & as well as it has an anti-aging element.


The Rudraksha Mala or Beads is the most powerful significance of Lord Shiva. That’s why the beads have divine effects which are scientifically proven. The Institute of Technology in Varanasi revealed that the Rudraksha Beads has contained electromagnetic atoms which influence our human bodies.