Everything you need to Know Fitness Platform: Google Fit - Activity Tracking

Lots of activities & fitness trackers are in Google Play Store.  So, it is very hard to find the right & reliable fitness activity tracker. But Google launches its fitness activity tracker: Google Fit.


The best thing about Google Fit; this tracker collaborates with World Health Organization (WHO) & American Heart Association (AHA). This may help you to improve your health & gives you activity recommendation. This can also be helpful for your fitness goal.


How is it works?

You Sign up with your Google Account & while you walking, running, or driving its automatically tracks your all activities throughout the day. Google Fit automatically detects your heart rate while you receive your call & from your Smartwatch sensor.

Google Fit has 3 Main Sections: Home, Journal & Profile.


Home Screen shows your overall activities on current days & gives you some suggestive health care regime.


Journal Screen shows you your overall health schedule.


Prom Profile page you can change settings, put your personal information, check your activity times & more.


Google Fit Features


i. This app can monitor your fitness goals & gives you a recommendation of your heart & overall health.
ii. You can set exercise categories like running, spinning, rowing, & swimming. These measurements will help you to track your health as well as progress.
iii. Your every movement will count by this app while walking, running. Track your all types of workouts during the day.
iv. This app will help you to set up your fitness journal. You can get fitness goals through customized coaching. It’s easy to monitor your health progress from your phone & Smartwatch.
v. You can check your health & wellness data anytime anywhere & restructured your health journal in this app.
vi. You can check your heart rate by placing your finger on the phone camera sensor. That’s the simple & easiest way to get your breathing & heartbeat measurements.
vii. This app also works with Oura, Strava, My Fitness Pal, Headspace, & more.
viii. This app supports Android & iOS.
ix. Google Fit Compatible with Xiaomi Mi Bands, Withings Scan-Watch, Scale C1, Smart Scale P1 devices.


Google Fit is an overall smart & powerful fitness application now in the market. Its simple, easy & reliable features undoubtedly help people get & stay active.