Free Online Course: Customer Service Skills

This free online course Customer Service Skills will provide you with an understanding of the basics of the customer service position. You will learn about identifying customer expectations to help better serve your customer base. You will be able to explain how to provide excellent customer service as a customer service specialist. You will also learn about focusing on the customer and their needs.


This course then teaches you about customer service and how it relates to telephone etiquette. You will learn about working with customers over the phone, from greeting to closing conversations. You will also learn about handling customer complaints in a professional way to make sure that everyone involved meets a satisfactory solution.

This course then wraps up with how to deal effectively with stress. As a customer service skills professional you may find yourself under work-related stress and learning to handle it professionally and gracefully will be key to your success and well being. You will learn tips and tricks for coping with stress brought on by customer service. By taking this course you will learn how to provide quality customer service and support to your customers. So why wait? Start learning today.


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