Welcome a bright future with a degree in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers build the world around us. From the tiniest nanotechnology, to cars and buildings, to airplanes and space stations, mechanical engineers are responsible for the design and development of most of the things. Mechanical Engineering is one of the best engineering degree which deals with machines; their production, design, and operation. Mechanical Engineers play a vital role in various industries such as energy conversion, biotechnology, computers, electronics, aerospace, and countless others.


Nowadays, B.Tech Degree in Mechanical Engineering presents a lot of job opportunities due to vast developments in the fields of Design, and production. A student after completing the Degree in Mechanical Engineering can work in several industries including public and private sectors.


Why study mechanical engineering?


Mechanical engineering is the broadest of the engineering disciplines, giving you an insight into the others, and giving you the most wide-ranging career options. When you combine this with the fact that mechanical engineers are in demand in almost every sector, play your cards right and you may end up as one of the most employable graduates around. 

Mechanical Engineering Department of MCKV Institute of Engineering is one of the most sought after streams of the institute. The Department is fully equipped to meet the requirements of B.Tech course as per curriculum of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal. Mechanical Engineering Department was established in the year 2008. Their faculty members are intellectual leaders in their respective fields of research, and they offer their students the opportunity to work one-to-one with the faculty in advancing the frontiers of knowledge. That’s why, MCKVIE is known as the best Mechanical Engineering College in Kolkata, West Bengal.


Eligibility Criteria of Mechanical Engineering:


To pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering, aspirants must fulfill certain eligibility criteria as specified by the institute:


Aspirants must have cleared their Higher Secondary Examination with Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as the core subjects. They must have acquired a minimum of 45% in aggregate their Class 12 Examinations.


Course Details at MCKV Institute of Engineering:


They were ready for the Mechanical Engineering course in Kolkata with well equipped laboratories and workshops. The department is committed to the well being and all round development of its students by providing a stimulating environment for healthy development and free exchange of ideas. Their aim is to prepare students to become top-notch Mechanical Engineers with thorough knowledge both in theory as well as practical skills. They prepare their students with the objective of fulfilling the needs of leading positions in industry, academia and government sectors in India and abroad.


MCKV Institute of Engineering provides Pre admission scholarships for students if they register before 30th April 2022.


Career opportunities after completing Mechanical Engineering course:

After attaining the required educational qualification to become a mechanical engineer, there are a number of profiles that you can take up.


1. Aerospace Engineer
2. Maintenance Engineer
3. Automotive Engineer
4. Control and Instrumentation Engineer
5. Contracting Civil Engineer
6. Nuclear Engineer
7. Mechanical Engineer


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