Benefits of Eating on Banana Leaf

India has lots of traditions that make us wonder. We follow lots of traditions still now. Eating on the banana leaf is the most popular tradition in India. This tradition is mostly noticed in South India. In ancient times people maintained health & hygiene that’s why they eat over a banana leaf. In South India, people serve traditional foods on a banana leaves. But nowadays we using Plastic or Thermocol Plates; which is not good for our health. But there are many reasons to eat on the banana leaf so let’s check out the benefits of this tradition.


- We can’t eat banana leaves like other green vegetables. So we can serve food on it. The most important reasons for eating banana leaves are full of antioxidants. This helps you to improve immunity & gives you full of nutrition.


- Banana leaves have an anti-bacterial properties; this prevents germs & bacteria to spread in your food. This anti-bacterial property is keeping you safe & reduces the chances of illness.

- Banana leaves have own flavor. When we serve hot food on it, banana leaf spread out own flavor into the food & make it more delicious. This flavor adds more taste to the food.


- Banana leaves are waterproof. The natural wax gives water-resistant quality to it. There is no chemical use on it. So your food becomes safe while you eating on banana leaf.


- Some disposable plates or plastic plates are not biodegradable & it increases soil pollution day by day. But banana leaves are eco-friendly that’s why they decomposed easily with soil & prevents soil pollution. Banana leaves also have natural fertilizers so when they decomposed in the soil this helps to grow other plants.


- Banana leaves are very large, so when we serve a whole meal on it at one time. So you can easily serve the whole meal without mixing.


- Banana leaves are very easy to afford. Utensils & other disposable plates are very costly. These leaves are easily available in the market & you spend a minimum amount to buy this.