Are you preparing for JEE or NEET examinations? Join Amazon Academy

Are you preparing for JEE or NEET examinations? Are you wondering how and where to begin your study and how to optimize your time and skill, and work on the areas that need strengthening? The answer lies in Amazon Academy, the app that helps you prepare for some of the most competitive exams in India. The app offers full-syllabus long-term and short-term live courses by expert JEE and NEET faculty to help you learn complex concepts. Whether you are enrolled at a coaching institute or prefer self-study, the app will allow you to assess, track and improve your test performance. It will also give you access to a vast practice question bank and a variety of specially crafted tests that have been carefully vetted by experts for quality, difficulty and freshness. You can receive daily exam tips, shortcuts and mnemonics that will help you remember, improve your speed, and be best prepared for Exam Day. What is more, you can keep track of your performance and progress through personalised reports that focus on time and strength analysis.


If you are preparing for IIT JEE or NEET, this is the best no-frills app to add to your preparation and gain a winning edge over the competition. This app is also helpful if you are preparing for BITSAT, VITEEE, SRMJEEE, MET exams.

Here are some of our key features


1. Engaging live classes - Attend interactive live classes by expert faculty to improve understanding and retention of concepts. You can also clarify any doubts during the class via live chat.


2. Meticulously structured courses - Enroll in full-syllabus long-term courses for Class 11 or Class 12. You can also join free Short Courses to learn chapter-wise concepts.


3. High-quality practice question bank - Solve high-quality practice questions with an expansive question bank of 10,000+ questions for JEE and 7,000+ questions for NEET. You can access hints and detailed step by step solutions for each problem.


4. Daily tips and tricks - Retain concepts and solve questions accurately with Amazon Academy’s daily tips. Learn to solve problems faster with subject-wise shortcuts, memorise important concepts and facts easily with mnemonics, and get expert-curated tips.


5. Take tests anytime, anywhere - Improve your scores with practice tests and get detailed performance reports. You can take the chapter-wise tests, part tests as well as full tests, and gain easy access to question papers from previous years.


6. Rich Analytics - Analyse your subject-wise preparation with personalised reports to identify your strengths and weaknesses.


7. All India Mock Test (AIMT) series - Know your all-India rank, analyse your subject-wise preparation and compare your performance with fellow aspirants with regular live mock tests.


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