Free Online Course: Diploma in Supply Chain Management - Revised

The course begins by providing an in-depth explanation as to what supply chains and supply chain management are. It then introduces you to supply chain networks and integrated supply chain networks, as well as teaches you the best practices of supply chain management. You will also learn what makes up a supply ecosystem and how to map a supply chain ecosystem. The course will then look into the main framework used in supply chain analysis and the relationship between modern manufacturing and services.


You will then cover supply chain vulnerability analysis and learn how to identify and manage risks within the chain and external to it. The course will also discuss examples of resource uncertainties, whether these uncertainties are economic or political, the characteristics of Wicked problems, and the elements of a cyber attack. Finally, the course will look into the six most important strategies for reducing overall risk exposure in supply chains.

Supply Chain Management strategies are the critical backbone of every business organization today. However, they can also be complex and difficult to understand. This course will give you a strong overview of supply chain management in a clear and easy manner, so that you can have an edge over your competitors and become a really valuable asset for your company. So, check out the course today and by the end of the week you'll have gained some excellent knowledge that will help bring your career to the next level.


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