How to download your Covid-19 vaccination certificate on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used apps in India. The instant messaging app is easily operable by almost everyone. Therefore, as part of this digitally driven vaccination drive for Covid-19, the government of India had launched last year. Through this service, WhatsApp uses can find out nearest vaccination centres, available slots, check facts, latest alerts on the covid situation and more. Now, as more and more people are getting vaccinated and there are new certificates being issued, the MyGov Corona helpdesk on WhatsApp has rolled out the support to download vaccination certificates as well. 


If you are wondering how to download your covid-19 vaccine certificate these are steps you need to follow:

1. Save the official number for the Government of India's Corona Helpdesk — 9013151515 — on your phone’s contact book


2. Or, you can visit this link - visit


3. Type 'Covid Certificate'


4. A 6 digit OTP will be generated for your number from Cowin platform


5. You will have to enter this 6 digit OTP on that chat within 30 seconds


6. In case you have more than one person registered on that number, the Helpdesk will ask you to confirm whose certificate you want to download


7. Once you confirm, the chatbot will share the certificate with you on WhatsApp