Difference between IT Security & Cyber Security

Technology has its importance in our lives. Without technological advancements, our lives would not have been simpler and faster. Today has all been possible because of the technological developments in different fields. Technological advancements are important for us; it is also true that we seem to be over-dependent on them nowadays. There are lots of drawbacks to technology. We spend a large proportion of our lives online, and some of the internet security threats we can encounter include Hacking, etc. We have to secure our all information. Many of us believe that information security & cyber security are the same, this is a misconception. 


So, today we are discussing what the difference between IT security & Cyber security is.

- IT security deals with safeguarding all kinds of information assets that are in both physical & digital format. Cyber security deals with protecting all data & information that is in digital & electronic form.


- IT security focusing on protecting data from any type of illegal access. While Cyber security focuses on protecting data from unauthorized digital access.


- IT security focuses on information assets such as integrity, confidentiality, & availability. Cyber security focuses on protecting social media accounts& personal details.


- IT security protects information from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification, disruption, or destruction. Cyber security protects information from cybercrimes, cyber frauds & law enforcement.  


- IT security deals with all sorts of threats to make sure proper security protocols are in place. Cyber security deals with cyber threats such as phishing, baiting, data breach, etc.


- It security professionals find strategies, policies, solutions & perform risk management. Cyber security professionals perform data recovering, reporting security metrics & install antimalware software.