Get your home smarter with Mi Wi-fi Smart Speaker (With Google Assistant)

Smart Technologies make our life smarter & easier & we all depend on technologies. Innovations & new gadgets are launching day by day. Mi launches lots of new gadgets in the market & all of them are very popular in India.


If you want Smart Home Automation needs a smart speaker; Mi Smart Speaker (with Google Assistant) solves that issue. You can easily install it at your home & enjoy home automation to listening to music. Here are some features of the Mi Wi-Fi Smart Speaker (With Google Assistant):-


- 12watt Powerful Speaker gives you dynamic sounds around your home.

- This Speaker has Texas Instruments Sound Processor that delivers high power, low distortion audio.

- Mi Wi-Fi Smart Speaker has a 63.5 mm Massive Sound Driver & Crafted to redefine sounds & clarify sound on each volume.

- Mi Wi-Fi Smart Speaker (With Google Assistant) has a smart touch panel with 4 buttons on/off, Play, Stop & Mute.

- You can connect this speaker via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. If you have no internet you can connect to that speaker via Bluetooth & enjoy your favorite music. 

- Bluetooth connectivity is stable over distances of up to 15 feet. 

- Firstly Mi Wi-Fi Smart Speaker Smart Speaker launched with in-built Google Assistant Features. You set up Google Assistant's voice match functions for personalized responses.

- This Speaker has two far-field microphones at the top which listen to Google Assistant Commands.

- You can set up this speaker with your television, smart light bulbs, & cleaning robot too. 

After Amazon Echo Dot & Google Home mini Lunching Mi Launches their first Smart Speaker with in-built Google Assistant. Hopefully, this smart speaker will become as popular day by day as Amazon Echo Dot & Google Home mini. Mi claims that this speaker is likely an Amazon Echo Dot & Google Home mini. But when it comes to volume this speaker is louder than the Amazon Echo & Google Home mini. Mi Brand set their popularity not only smart-phones; they launch a next level & advanced technologies on their upcoming gadgets. Hopefully, this smart speaker lightens up home automation. So, let’s bring your Mi Wi-Fi Smart Speaker from Mi Online or Offline Store.