Online Free Course Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health Revised

This workplace safety course begins by introducing you to behavior-based safety and how to develop a culture of safety among employees. You will learn how to recognize the signs of drug use and how to implement workplace policies to maintain a drug-free workplace. The lessons will also cover workstation ergonomics where you will learn tips and techniques on maintaining good posture at workstations. This will ensure long-term comfort and back safety for all concerned.


As you progress with the course, you will gain a thorough understanding of key safety aspects such as risk analysis, hazard identification and control, and safety education and training. We will also make sure that you learn best practice policies for the implementation of effective safety programs. To provide a better overview of these lessons, we will also take a case study that focuses on the management of health and safety in schools.

Sometimes, people panic when emergencies at work arise. But if you have an in-depth knowledge of the important aspects of workplace safety and health, then this panic can be averted. This is why the Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health is crucial for anyone wishing to attain certification or gain a greater understanding of health and safety management. So check out the free online course and create a better environment in your workplace now.


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