Surprising Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is mainly used for cooking, salad dressing, but it becomes very popular use as medicine for health benefits nowadays. Its tastes like other vinegar but it has a strong smell. Apple Cider Vinegar has huge nutritional contains like- amino-acid, anti-oxidants, iron, magnesium & almost low-level cholesterol.


Apple Cider Vinegar was used by ancient Greeks to heal wounds. But recently it uses for weight loss, removes dandruff & reduces heart diseases. Study shows that the use of vinegar can fight against fat, cell damage & lower cancer risk.


Just because vinegar contains lots of acids, experts do not recommend drinking or eating too much. Cause this could be affected on our teeth enamel & digestive systems. Excessive use of apple cider vinegar lowers potassium levels.


Most people use this for their weight loss. It has an impressive benefit to maintain body weight & reduces belly fat.


Apple cider vinegar is used for heart health. Cause it controls blood pressure & reduces cholesterol. So if you can use apple cider vinegar before having a meal, it controls bad cholesterol & increases good cholesterol. 

Apple cider vinegar contains rich anti-oxidants; this is beneficial for our skin & reduces skin aging. Apple cider vinegar is also used for treating acne, skin infections, & eczema. This vinegar balances skin pH levels. But before applying the vinegar, consult with your doctor.


Apple cider vinegar can also reduce frizzy hair, Remove sun tan & Treat dandruff.


This vinegar may use to control blood sugar & improves insulin production. It's helpful if you drink it after a meal. So, this vinegar is also beneficial for diabetes (Type 2) patients.


Apple cider vinegar helps to improve your digestion. If you feel discomfort after having a meal, it reduces your heartburn, bloating & controls acidity.


Study shows that apple cider vinegar can help in cancer prevention & improve health. This vinegar can reduce the risk of cancer & can slow down tumor growth.