Importance of Dahi Handi on Janmasthami

India is considered a Land of Festivals. Indians are celebrating 365 days with different types of rituals, traditions & festivals. Many traditions still exist & performed. Dahi Handi on Janmasthami is the most followed ritual by the Indians. The Janmasthami is the most popular festival followed by every Hindus. This day marks the birth of Lord Krishna on Earth. According to the Hindu Mythology, Lord Krishna is the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu who rescues Mathura’s people from cruel & brutal king Kansa.


Indians are always to celebrate any kind of Festival. But the Janmasthami is celebrated in a major way. Dahi Handi on Janmasthami is one of the major rituals across India; without Dahi Handi celebration is incomplete. Dahi Handi or earthen pot filled with Dahi (Curd), Makhan (Butter) or Ghee, Nuts & Sweets; hung at a height. A group of young people make a human pyramid & break it.

According to Purana’s & Veda’s Little Krishna loves to eat Butter, Ghee & Dahi. When he grew up he steal Butter, Ghee & Dahi from his neighborhood & other villagers. That’s why they called Little Krishna Makhan Chor. Little Krishna’s mother Yashoda frustrated with his stealing habit. She told all villagers & neighbors all earthen pots which fill with Butter, Ghee & Dahi hung on height. That’s made it more difficult for little Krishna to reach on it. But Little Krishna’s & his friends made human pyramid to reach on that handis break it & distribute those things among his friends. That’s why Dahi Handi is significant of Janmasthami Celebration.


Janmasthami celebration is not stuck on Dahi handi breaking, across India many households bathing little Krishna’s idol with milk, honey & water then dressed him in new clothes. Many devotees take fasts & worship the Little Krishna idol with songs the whole evening. Mostly Dahi handi breaking is a major & celebration in Gujarat. Some Hindi film songs are featured at that celebration. But in the situation of the Covid-19 Pandemic, this celebration is now postponed for the last two years. So, Dahi handi breaking on Janmasthami takes us on nostalgic memory of childhood & this ritual makes Janmasthami more enthusiastic.