What Is Google Assistant– How It Makes Our Lives Easy!

The basics of Google Assistant are very easy to understand but there are a lot of features beneath the surface that you might be unaware of. With the list of supported devices growing each day, you can be sure that every Google Android smartphone supports Google Assistant and perhaps comes pre-installed as the default virtual assistant. If you are wondering how to use it then this article covers a few features and gets you started.


Google Assistant is the virtual voice assistant form Google and allows you to get work done faster. Instead of performing tasks manually by tapping with your finger on the screen through multiple steps, you can get it done easily using your voice commands. Google Assistant is smart and very well integrated into your smartphone. The virtual assistant can open apps, send messages, or make calls. You can also ask Google Assistant to play a specific song on an app such as Spotify or check the weather updates in your location without even touching your smartphone screen.

How to Use Google Assistant!


To use Google Assistant on your Android smartphone you will need to make sure it is enabled, most smartphones now have Google Assistant-enabled by default. In an off chance that you do not have it enabled you can open the Google app on your device and tap on the More option in the bottom right corner. You can then head to the Settings and Select Google Assistant. Move to the Assistant tab and tap on the phone option at the bottom and ensure you have the Google Assistant-enabled along with Hey Google option.


- Open the Google app on your Smartphone

- Navigate to the more option in the bottom right corner of the screen

- Head to the Settings section and select Google Assistant

- Now move to the Assistant tab and then tap on the Phone option

- Enable the Google Assistant option here

- Enable the Hey Google option to enable voice recognition


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