Boost your mind with Color Therapy

Every time we are conscious about health; we ignore our mental health. Mental wellbeing is the most important of our life. During workloads, pressure enhances our stress & unwanted headache. That’s why we feel depressed, angry & feel down. Mental stress affects our daily life as well as work lives.


During this pandemic all over the world stuck in home & our work pressures are increasing regularly. Some people are going through depression during this time. Some people are trying to do yoga or regular exercise for being healthy. Yoga is one of the easiest paths to be stressed out. But color therapy is now becoming popular all over the world. This therapy is known as Chromo-therapy. 


We all know the seven colors are the natural thing which attached to our emotions. Sometimes colors are expressing our emotions like: when we feel angry it shows red, feel energetic shows green & some colors are boosting our moods. Color therapy is an interesting way to energize our mental health as well as physical health. While we feel happy our body is also responding to being healthy. The color therapist believes each color relates to each part of our human body. So, let’s check out how different colors play a different role to boost our mind?

Violet & Indigo:  Violets & Indigo both are good for eyes, ears & nose. These colors are helpful for meditation which calms our nerves, muscles & healing our stress.


Blue: If you want to relax & stepped out from stress, headache; the Blue color will help you out. It improves calmness & reduces all types of pain.


Green: This color is a sign of harmony & peace. Green used for treating infections. The therapist suggests green color for hyperactive people for their stress relief.


Yellow: This color alerts our nervous system & makes the mind more attentive. Yellow color promotes alertness & improves consciousness.


Orange: This color represents the color of the Sun. Orange colors use to treat fatigue & low moods. The vibrant effects of Orange light up our mind & give us a warm feeling.


Red: Red represents the color of blood. This color is also used for encouragement & motivation. It improves our blood circulation which gives energy to organs to work properly.


Color-Therapy or Chromo-Therapy is the new age treatment of Mental Wellbeing. You can dress up, Decorate home or play with colors to help you out from mental stress. Color therapy gives you relaxation whether you are an adult or a child. So, find out your color & stay stress-free with color therapy.