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The Wonders of International Space Station

From the moment astronauts arrive, every day onboard the ISS is an exciting, challenging and stimulating experience. Every corner and cranny of ISS reveals a mini-miracle of science. Initially, ISS can seem an intimidating place to work, harbouring  a wealth of complicated equipment, a multitude of more than 50 computers and more than 12 km of electrical wiring & the challenge of living in microgravity.


ISS is basic...

Important Apps and Websites

My Location: GPS Maps, Share & Save Locations

How to share location from android:


It is quite easy to share location with anyone from the my location app, all you need is to click on the arrow which is located on the right of the address, and then select ‘share location’.
Alternatively you can click anywhere on the map, and then select the share icon, that will share the selected location with anyone.
There are also options to only copy the ad...