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Difference between IT Security & Cyber Security

Technology has its importance in our lives. Without technological advancements, our lives would not have been simpler and faster. Today has all been possible because of the technological developments in different fields. Technological advancements are important for us; it is also true that we seem to be over-dependent on them nowadays. There are lots of drawbacks to technology. We spend a large proportion of our lives online, and some of the i...

Important Apps and Websites

Exam Preparation App Free Mock Test, Live Classes

The BYJU'S Exam Prep app is a free Exam Preparation app for MBA entrance exams. The app also includes exam preparation material for multiple exams like SSC CGL, MTS Hindi, and CHSL, both in Hindi & English languages. The app also facilitates free mock tests & Daily GK updates which are essential for the preparation of competitive examinations.

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